At present the foundation’s grantmaking is centred around these areas

Influencing businesses to enact low carbon business plans

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How businesses behave has a direct impact on the amount of GHG emissions pumped into the atmosphere.  By working to change the accepted norms of doing business to put protecting the environment at the heart of business plans, we have the opportunity to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of the products we consume.

Ensuring regulations and markets favour green investment

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Changing the rules of the game is a critical step towards transitioning us to a low carbon future.  Ensuring the businesses, investors and governments are transparent about their environmental impact and setting clear goals towards eliminating those impacts will create systemic change throughout our economies.

Lifting up the voice of vulnerable groups and those most affected by climate change in decision making spaces

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Climate change most impacts vulnerable communities who have made the least contribution to the current crisis.  Too often their voices have been ignored in decision making, compounding the injustice they face.  Ensuring that the needs and the ideas of the most vulnerable are integrated into decision making at every level is critical to not only ensuring a low carbon future but a just one.

Creating policy that help countries on their path to net zero emissions

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Governments around the world need to set policy targets to achieving net zero.  By doing so they send a strong signal to the markets, businesses and consumers that we need to do things differently and that create a more environmentally sustainable economic growth path.

Shifting finance away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy

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The current financial system has been designed to support the fossil fuel industry by ensuring that the true social and environmental costs are not included in mainstream financial decision making.  We need to shift the risk profile of investments to ensure that the markets price in the climate impacts of every investment, and rapidly decarbonise.

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