Launched in 2019, Bulb Foundation is focused on ending the climate crisis.

We work on


Slowing the progress of climate change.


Helping people already dealing with its effects.

We do this by:

Funding NGOs (nongovernmental organisations)

We provide financial support to groups working on climate change. Our funding is focused wherever possible with core support or flexible project support in order to allow organisations to both manage risk and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Convening groups and individuals around new ideas and initiatives

We bring people together to explore new approaches to existing problems and connect those with different approaches working on similar issues in order to speed up the transition to a low carbon future.

Advocating for changes in policy and investment

We use our voice as funders working on climate change to press for changes in government policy and the investment climate to move us closer to a just and low carbon future.

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We support organisations that work on creating systemic change to end the climate crisis.

These groups work on:

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Influencing businesses to enact low carbon business plans

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Ensuring regulations and markets favour green investment

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Lifting up the voice of vulnerable groups and those most affected by climate change in decision making spaces

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Creating policy that help countries on their path to net zero emissions

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Shifting finance away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy

As a foundation, we are particularly focused on early stage organisations, initiatives and ideas that we can support with seed funding.

We support our partners in developing and exploring innovative approaches, and provide growth funding to them scale up their impact.

Explore our partners

Where we work

Bulb Foundation works with partners around the world.

We believe that by doing so we can help to speed up the sharing of best practice and innovative ideas, as well as create important networks and relationships across our portfolio that can be utilised both today and in the future.

Our priorities

At present, the foundation's grant-making is centred around these areas.

50% of our grantees are run by women

Supporting our leaders

We know that climate change tends to impact women more than men, and believe that one way to help fix the problem is to support female leadership and voices within the climate change space.

Early stage support

We support organisations from their first steps.




We are particularly interested in working with early stage organisations and supporting emerging and rising talent within the climate change space.

For us that doesn’t mean just providing financial support it means: providing flexible funding that allow organisations to test out approaches and build out impactful work; offering access to our networks to help them attract further funding, connect up with others working on similar issues and tap into experts and policy makers; and serving as a sounding board and support system to help build strong and resilient organisations.

As much as we have to offer these groups as a funder in this space, we know that these organisations are at the cutting edge of providing solutions and they are critical in helping us shape our funding and engagement strategy.